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Greatest songs of the ‘80

The 1980s represent an important cornerstone in the history of contemporary music. Some of the globally known hits and artists belong to that era. This decade has produced great songs in almost every musical genre. The popularity of some of the melodies from almost 30 years ago still lingers on. In fact, a few of them are so notorious that you can strike a conversation with your escorts simply by humming them.

The greatest hits released in the ‘80

The 1980s will probably remain as one of the most extravagant decades in music history. The diversity of musical genres that thrived in that period seems a bit improbable today. However, almost 30 years ago you could have easily witnessed hard rock, leather-wearing fans sharing the same venues with disco dancers dressed in futuristic spandex suits. It was a strange time when it was nothing wrong for a pop idol to attend an electronic concert with his escort Paris by his side.


It is quite difficult to pinpoint which are the best songs released in the 1980s. The wide range of musical genres that were met with success in that era makes it almost impossible to decide on a universal hierarchy. Nevertheless, every year radio stations attempt to create the ultimate ’80 top based on their listeners’ votes. You and escorts can have a say in this symbolical elections and can influence the outcome by voting for your favorite tunes of that decade.

Why some songs are forever popular?

A song’s true value grows in time and its success is influenced by how many people it affects. Some hits are so popular because they are constantly embraced by newer generations. Many young people listen to 80s’ classics even if they have not lived in that period. You might even see your escort Paris from http://www.6annonce.com/ listening to a remix of a 1985 melody that was recorded long before she was even born.


Some of the greatest hits of the ’80s came from bands who desperately tried to revolutionize music. This is why most of the songs released back then combined various genres and styles. Bands would usually be composed of artists with different musical backgrounds. Experimental was the word and some of the musicians even asked their friends and escorts from 6annonce to play an instrument in the hope of creating something completely new.

Musical world stars of the 1980s

The ’80 will forever be remembered as the time of worldwide sensations like Michael Jackson, Madonna or Prince. Almost everybody has listened to their legendary tunes at least once in their lifetime. So, don’t be surprised if you share the same favorite pop song of that period with your escort Paris. These lovely girls have a great taste in music and more than often listen to classic hits of the 1980s. If you want to impress them, take them to a vintage-themed party that only plays music from that time and age.

Some of the musical legends of the 1980s are Freddie Mercury, Bon Jovi and U2. Other acts of that decade include Duran Duran, The Cure, A-Ha and Simple Minds. While some of them are still active today, others were one-time wonders whose albums you and your escorts can occasionally listen to when nostalgia hits.