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Who ruled the 80’s – Best bands

The 80s is recognized as a decade that saw some of the greatest musical talents take over the airwaves and they have continued to dominate until today. Even though some people may argue that it was a long time ago, it is actually an era that most people around the world remember and reflect upon.

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It is likely that many bands at that time had a small opportunity to showcase their talent, but it was a stepping stone for many artists who have continued to flourish in today’s song market.

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Best bands in the 80s

There are many songwriters in the eighties who were able to craft great material that not only captured the fans in their prime but also continues to be respected even today. One of the most respected groups was the Pixies who even though they specialized in fast rocking songs are regarded as the pioneers of modern shorter pop songs that were catchy and unforgettable.

Another band recognized as the greatest group of the 80s is the ABC group which was led by Martin Fry. In fact, this was the first songwriter team of that year to have hits in the top 20 list in one album. Other groups that ruled the eighties include the Rush, the Smiths, and the Stone Roses among others which make it difficult to choose the best of the best.

Great musical hits of the eighties

The great music hits of this decade included that by well-known bands such as Tears for fears and their hit melodies “Shout” and “Everybody wants to rule the world.” As many people would agree, the hit songs were not only limited to pop composition, but it involved other genres such as rock which included “Rio” by Duran Duran.

Also, who would forget the “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns and Roses which everyone can confirm that it is still a major hit today for people many individuals?

These are just some examples of the groups and hit songs of that time, and the list remains endless.